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Clever Ecom

The CleverEcom Blueprint eBook

The CleverEcom Blueprint eBook

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Learn the exact process & frameworks we used to start our e-commerce store in February 2023 to then grow to over £230,000 a month! 

We do drop shipping a little differently - so this isn't the same content you have heard 100 times before.

With this eBook, you're not just receiving a bunch of waffle. You'll receive:

  • 14,000+ words of content. No filler content just for the sake of it. Only stuff you need to get a store running and start getting sales
  • Videos. We’ve created video content to explain the more complicated areas of the book. Nearly 2 hours of video. 
  • Templates. We’ve included templates that we use regularly as free downloads within the eBook, including one for product research spreadsheet, handy calculators and a profit/loss spreadsheet.
  • Example website. We’ve created a complete example website so you can see exactly how we build product pages, homepages and all other aspects of our websites. (Our product pages currently have a 5%+ conversion rate)

And the thing which everyone seems to be most excited about…

  • Access to a private discord community. No monthly membership fees, no hidden costs. If you buy the eBook, you’ll be given access to a private community containing other people who have also invested into their financial futures! 
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  • First Sale

    Loads of people are getting their first sale and catching the bug for eCom!

  • First £200 Day

    Kourosh hit his first £200 day and went on to hit his first 4 figure week!

  • £83k+ Sales Organically

    Owen scaled his brand to over £80,000 with just TikTok organic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do I need?

To get the most out of this eBook, you should have some prior knowledge on the business model before buying this product.

For example, you are expected to have heard about terms like CPC's and CPM's.

If you have any queries, just reach out and we'll get in touch.

How much do I need to start?

We use paid advertising as our main source of traffic, so this eBook focuses heavily on that.

Therefore you need between 500-1000 to properly test a few products.

How do I recieve the product?

When you purchase, you will get a download link sent straight to your email. If you don't receive the email - contact us.

How can I join the Discord?

There's a link to join the Discord at the end of the eBook. Join that and then message Ciaran or Jack to receive access to the private server!

Will I definitely see results?

No - not definitely. If you follow the advice and stay consistent to the business, your chances of 'success' will increase.

However, it's never 100% certain. This is something you need to come to terms with before buying.

Do you cover organic marketing?

As we use paid marketing as our main source of traffic, we don't cover organic marketing in-depth.

We included a bit of information with the help of our friends who do big numbers with organic marketing, but we don't cover it in detail.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Harrison Newton
The perfect foundation!

If you’re wanting to get into drop-shipping and have a basic understanding already from YouTube this book is perfect for you. It’s a hive of knowledge that’s worth way more than what you’re paying.

Don’t expect to read it and be ready to earn thousands of of pounds in the same week, but you can be sure if you implement what’s taught in the book and stick to it, you chances of success are extremely high. Hats off to Jack & Ciaran 🙌

Unreal Value for anyone wanting to learn

So much value for an ebook , Better than most mentorship’s online and would highly recommend.

Tomas Kondla
it's worth it

for such a low price really a lot of information especially about scaling and really good community

Well worth the buy

This book is well worth the buy especially for a very reasonable price. Its clear and easy to understand yet detailed. Another advantage is Ciaran and jack are always willing to help with any questions you have.
I highly recommend it

Kourosh D
Kouroush (kraken)

Pretty good book! I have read it fully one and now know the secrets to Jack and Ciarans success and I must say, hats off to them. Thanks for answering my questions whenever I had one and congratulations on the release of your book 👏